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Inmobiliaria San Nicolas - Palma de Mallorca

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Management and administration of rentals in Mallorca

Asesoria Juridica

We find the ideal tenant for every flat, apartment, commercial premises or property we market.


For the owner who wants to rent their property, we run an intensive promotional campaign that consists of the following activities: in chronological order:

‌A visit to the property by an agent and informing you of the best way to present it to third parties, with the aim of highlighting its best features.

‌Creating a photobook using our real estate agent’s photography team.

Publication of the property in written press channels and online.

‌Promotion of the property on our website that is totally updated and with technology that ensures its optimum positioning.

P‌romotion of the property in our networking groups and on social media.

Filter to find the ideal tenant, by selection based on comprehensive, requested references.

Preparation of the rental contract with maximum guarantees, in accordance with current regulations.

Referral to the rental management department if the client wishes to delegate the comprehensive management of the rental with maximum guarantees.

Gestión de inmuebles en alquiler


For the tenant who wants to rent a property, Inmobiliaria San Nicolás offers:

  • Personal treatment with an agent who perfectly understands what you hope to find in your new home, office, commercial premises, etc.
  • The presentation of properties that conform to the characteristics you are looking for, at market price.
  • Searching for and acquiring the property you are looking for, if nothing suitable is available in our portfolio.
  • The guarantee that the rental contract to be signed complies with current regulations.

Alquiler de inmueblesAlquiler de inmuebles

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