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Inmobiliaria San Nicolas - Palma de Mallorca

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Rental property management

Convenience, security, peace of mind and guarantees for the owner.

Why you should leave the rental management of your properties in the hands of Inmobiliaria San Nicolás

  1. Let’s imagine the case where you have a rented property and your tenant notifies you that the boiler isn’t working. Let’s imagine that, of course, the breakdown occurs on a Friday in winter which means you receive countless calls from your tenant urging you to sort out the problem quickly. But it’s impossible for you to do anything about this unexpected situation immediately as you're away on a trip, in a meeting at work, at a doctor’s appointment, etc.
  2. Let’s imagine the case where a neighbour is causing your tenant problems, or some residents in the community where your rented property is located are causing a nuisance by not complying with the established norms of good behaviour.
  3. Let's imagine the case where by regulation and in accordance with the requirements of the electric company they demand that you carry out an upgrade to the existing electrical installation.
  4. Let’s imagine the case where a tenant decides to stop paying the rent.

Gestión de inmuebles en alquiler

If you have ever found yourself in any similar situations, ask us here at Inmobiliaria San Nicolás about our asset management and rental property management services, and take the worry out of renting out your property.

Inmobiliaria San Nicolás acts in representation of the property owner, signifying that the tenant contacts the real estate agent directly to communicate any type of incident. The agency, having full knowledge of your property at all times, takes care of resolving any problems that may arise with your rental property, including those related to other owners in your community.

For this reason, we offer a comprehensive management service for your property, providing convenience, security, peace of mind and guarantees. The aim is that, once the property is rented, you can delegate to our team all personal dealings with third parties, avoiding any possible conflict or non-payment, as well as the whole operation involved in the process of renting your property and having it rented out.

Our services

Some of the services that we offer for rental management include:

  • Finding the right tenant by applying a filter to interested persons and requesting all the necessary references to do this.
  • Representing the owner before the tenant, the community of residents, etc.
  • All processes necessary to maintain your property in good condition, by being able to delegate amongst our maintenance team.
  • Legal services for the defence of the owner.


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