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Now that the cold is arriving, many of us remember the gas and electricity bills. The increase in these bills is often caused by the misuse of the heating system. This guide aims to provide guidelines or habits on the proper use of such an installation, through which we can significantly reduce your bill.

The guidelines discussed below are independent of the heating system used and do not assess the efficiency of the system used (through ducts, underfloor heating, radiators, heated walls or ceilings, etc.).

  1. Avoid opening windows with the heating on. Consider that it takes just 10 minutes per room to adequately renew the air.
  2. Limit the activation of radiant elements in infrequently used rooms or areas.
  3. Close the rooms you want to heat to prevent heat loss through doors.
  4. Avoid completely or partially covering heat emitters, whether with curtains, furniture, or other items.
  5. Use blinds at night.
  6. Properly insulate the home by sealing gaps, cracks in shutter boxes, joints in windows, preventing drafts, and minimizing thermal bridges in the building envelope.
  7. Install windows with double glazing and thermal break.
  8. Set a target temperature of between 20 and 21 degrees Celsius. Consider that an increase of 1 degree in indoor temperature results in a 7 to 8% increase in energy consumption.
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