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Purchase and sale of real estate

We find the ideal buyer for each apartment, flat, commercial space, or property we market.


For the owner looking to sell their property, we conduct an intense promotion campaign, which may include:

Property visit by a salesperson to inform about the best way to present it to third parties in order to highlight its best features using Home Staging techniques.

Creation of a photographic portfolio by the real estate's photography team.

Advertising the property in print and online media.

Promotion of the property on our website, which is fully updated and uses technology to ensure optimal positioning.

Promotion of the property in our networking groups and social networks.

Processing by the real estate's internal legal-tax department of all necessary procedures with the public administration before and after the sale, to ensure that the entire operation is carried out in accordance with current regulations.


For the buyer wishing to purchase a property, Inmobiliaria San Nicolás provides:

  1. Personal interaction with a salesperson who perfectly understands what you want from your new home, office, commercial space, etc.
  2. Presentation of properties that meet the characteristics of what you are looking for, at the real market price.
  3. Search and acquisition of the desired property in case it is not already in our portfolio.
  4. Necessary legal procedures to ensure that the purchase is made in accordance with current regulations, thus avoiding any issues arising from delays in fulfilling obligations.
  5. Advice from the legal-fiscal and administration departments to investors seeking high returns through property rental.
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