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Management of rental properties

Comfort, security, peace of mind, and guarantees for the owner.

Why entrust the management of your property rentals to Inmobiliaria San Nicolás

  1. Imagine the case where you have a rented house and your tenant informs you that the boiler is not working. Imagine that, of course, the breakdown occurs on a winter Friday, so you receive countless calls from your tenant to urgently solve the problem, which is impossible for you to handle this unforeseen event urgently since you are traveling, in a business meeting, at a doctor's appointment, etc.
  2. Imagine the case where a neighbor is causing problems for your tenant or the community where your rented property is located by not complying with the established norms of good behavior.
  3. Imagine the case where, due to regulations and as demanded by the electric company, some reform might be required in the electrical installation.
  4. Imagine the case where a tenant decided to stop paying the rent.

If you find yourself in any of these examples, ask about the property management and rental management services at Inmobiliaria San Nicolás and stop worrying.

Inmobiliaria San Nicolás acts on behalf of the property owner, and therefore, the tenant contacts the agency directly to report any type of incident. With knowledge of the property at all times, it handles all problems that may arise with your rented property, including those related to the rest of the owners in your community.

Therefore, we offer a comprehensive service for managing your property, providing comfort, security, peace of mind, and guarantees. The purpose is that, once your property is rented, you can delegate personal dealings with third parties to our team, avoiding any type of conflict or non-payment, as well as all the operations involved in renting out your home and keeping it rented.

Our services

Among the services we offer for rental management, we can highlight:

  1. Finding the right tenant by filtering interested parties and requesting all appropriate references for this.
  2. Representing the owner in dealings with the tenant, community of owners, etc.
  3. Necessary steps to keep your property in proper condition, by being able to delegate its maintenance to our team.
  4. Legal services for the defense of the owner.

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