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I have an apartment and I want a home. December might not be the most appropriate month to make big changes at home that require large expenses. Therefore, let's opt for big changes with small expenses.

Today we're talking about LIGHT!!!

We leave behind the summer and start to miss the natural light that entered the house. Let's think about improving the artificial light that helps us not miss the many hours of sunlight from the warmer seasons so much.

Each room in the house has its function and therefore, its needs are different. In the living room, for example, we look for the general light to be warm, providing us with comfort and tranquility. An ideal solution for this are recessed spotlights with adjustable light intensity. Indirect light can be very pleasant as well, but beware!!! make sure it is not too cold. Get advice from a technician when considering indirect lighting through coves and LED strips.

In addition to the more general light, you will need focused light next to the sofa. A light source that helps you enjoy a good book or a pleasant snack. Remember that the sofa is usually the star of the home. You can opt for a floor lamp or a table lamp. Choose LED lights between 18 and 20W.

Additionally, the dining table should be well lit. This makes dinners much more enjoyable. Ideally, this is a lamp suspended over the table with a 3,000 k LED light.

Now let's focus on the kitchen. First, look for the most general light. We want to avoid annoying shadows. Just like in the general lighting of the living room, go to a technician to inform you about the light points to be installed, which will depend on the size of the kitchen. Don't forget that the light should be colder than in the living room.

Secondly, think about the work areas, tables, bars, etc., that you will need to illuminate in a special way. LED strips placed under the cabinets over these areas are very convenient. They are invisible and provide ideal light that makes your work easier. Spotlights are also good alternatives (5W and 4,000 or 5,000 k). If you are lucky enough to have a well-differentiated office area or a work island, you can opt for installing a pendant lamp. Remember that generally, we do not seek warm light in the kitchen.

And in the bedrooms? To make them inviting for rest, a lot of general warm light, and if it's adjustable in intensity, even better. Sconces, spotlights, ceiling lights, floor lamps,... all with warm light (3,000 k). Don't forget the reading light in bed, ideal are adjustable sconces (3,000 k and 3W). Only if you have a desk, you can illuminate it with a more neutral light. In closets and dressing rooms, choose recessed lights, although track projectors are very convenient in these; opt for them if you have the possibility.

Light up the house this fall and turn it into a cozy home.

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