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Management and administration of rentals in Mallorca for owners

Management and administration of rentals in Mallorca for owners

We find the ideal tenant for each flat, apartment, commercial space, or property we market.


For the owner who wants to rent out their property, we conduct an intense promotional campaign, consisting of the following actions in chronological order:

Property visit by a salesperson to inform about the best way to present it to third parties in order to highlight its best features.

Creation of a photographic portfolio by the real estate's photography team.

Advertising the property in print and online media.

Promotion of the property on our fully updated website, using technology that ensures optimal positioning.

Promotion of the property in our networking groups and social media.

Filtering the right tenant based on a selection made from thorough required references.

Preparation of the rental contract with all guarantees, in accordance with current regulations.

Referral to the rental management department in case you would like to delegate the complete management of the property with the highest guarantees.

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