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Works, reforms, repairs and removals

Works, reforms, repairs and removals

At Inmobiliaria San Nicolas, we are accustomed to assisting our clients, landlords, tenants, sellers, and buyers, with everything they need to successfully complete the desired sale or rental transaction, and this often includes managing the move of their furniture.

With the aim of providing clients with a comprehensive service when selling or renting their property, our real estate agency has a technical department staffed with qualified personnel (Industrial Engineer, Technical Architect, Interior Designer, ...) capable of designing and offering the appropriate renovation for each specific case to enhance the property's chances in a future sale or rental.

We design the most suitable renovation for your property

These works can be comprehensive (complete renovation of a property, new installations, new layouts, changes of use, ...) or smaller, more specific actions suited to the possibilities of each owner and especially to the characteristics of each property.

This trend, also known as Home Staging, aims to optimize the qualities of each property and introduce improvements with the goal of maximizing its market potential, whether by increasing its sale or rental price or significantly reducing its transaction or rental time.

The cost of this work (comprehensive or partial) is undoubtedly an investment for the owner and for certain types of properties, it can be very interesting, potentially yielding very high returns.

The technical department, along with the commercial department, will prepare a budget and a detailed report of all recommended actions in order to quantify the profitability of the investment to be made.

Once the budget is accepted, the progress of the work will be monitored to ensure its correct execution according to the plan, until its completion.

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